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Welcome David Brin fans. Enjoy. The Editor will be adding content as time goes on.

Contributions are moderated. Send contributions to submissions@davidbrinfans.org.  New content is EAGERLY sought.  Content can include:

  • Fan fiction,
  • Fan art,
  • Encyclopedia style articles (not taken from other internet sources),
  • Thought pieces referencing Brin fiction and nonfiction,
  • Civil reviews and critiques, both pro and con,
  • Anything else that can remotely be justified as Brin related.


Worlds of David Brin:  David Brin’s web site.

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Created by Trent Shipley, 2016-05-23

I (David Brin) reserve all copyrights to my works and all of their creative contents and universes/characters/events… I nevertheless smile at fan efforts to extend and analyze and have fun with my universe, for pure enjoyment and not profit. As for allowing Fan-Fic… I use the “Rowling Rule.” If it makes no money and does not impede my own prospects to use the mainline stories to do so, then I am loose and easy. Except if a work is deliberately offensive. Finally, there must be a prominent disclaimer acknowledging my ownership of all rights to creative elements of my universes and accepting those two restrictions. If a work is intended to draw attention from Hollywood or other dramatic media like games, then we must have a separate conversation. Beyond that?  Have fun in worlds and universes of possibility and ideas!


David Brin reserves all rights to his creative elements of his universes. This page is not for the profit of Trent Shipley nor his employer nor contracting agent. It shall not impede David Brin’s ability to use and extend his stories.