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Once the Tymbrimi established first communication with the Humans, the Tymbrimi and the wolflings started discussing what to do next. The Cuthmar could hardly carry all the Vesarius’ crew and cargo. Most importantly, the colonists in cryogenic chambers needed to stay where they were. At any rate, the Vesarius would reach the Horst colony in just 2.8 hab-years. However, the Humans did have a plan for converting the hold of the Cuthmar to Spartan Human quarters, leaving the Vesarius with a full, if green, crew by reviving some of the frozen passengers.

Meanwhile, Captain a-Irrdhamae of the Cuthmar was becoming increasingly concerned by mission delay. The Cuthmar carried valuable cargo, some of which needed to be delivered in a timely manner. Also, once the Cuthmar was sufficiently overdue, the Tymbrimi Transit Authority would automatically dispatch search and rescue teams. Ordinarily, a-Irrdhamae would just use the psionic faster-than-light communication system, but if she did so, the on-board Library would surely piggy-back a priority announcement on any transmission. Instead, the Captain sent the Cuthmar's runabout on courier duty to the nearest Tymbrimi outpost. The femto-branch on the little ship would still dump its data to any Library that came in range, but it bought about 212.5 hab. The runabout took two Humans as passengers.

By reviving a second crew, the cargo hold on the Cuthmar soon became quarters for Humans (No Neo-Chimps were included because they were high-priority colonists.) In less than 211.3 hab a-Irrdhamae was making all possible speed toward Earth. The ever difficult passage to Earth would take 214.5 hab in B-level hyperspace. Meanwhile, an adventure in xeno-sociology and linguistics took place aboard the Cuthmar.

The construction activity had further enhanced communication between the two crews, and by the time the Cuthmar was a third of the way to Earth, most of the Humans were reasonably conversant in Galactic 7. Unfortunately, Humans would take extraordinary liberties with the standard Galactic language’s lexis and grammar—a bad habit that Terragens still have. Increased linguistic competence contributed greatly to sociability between the three species, which was not an altogether positive thing. Although Humans were quite friendly with the Tytlal, the Tytlal took to mercilessly pranking and teasing the poor wolfling passengers until such time as the Humans managed to indelibly tie dye every Tytlal pelt on the ship. The Tytlal then treated Humans as adversaries who were not only likable, but also worthy of respect.

Despite personality clashes and early missteps, inter-species relationships were relatively stable and very productive during the last 200 hab of the voyage.

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